Careful planning before purchasing: Part II

Yesterday, I talked about tips for careful planning before purchasing.  Today we have five more tips yet to go!

3.  Make a price comparison. A good resource to use for price comparisons is the Internet.  Many stores will list the prices of items they sell on their websites.  Calling the store and its competitors for prices is just as efficient.

As you shop around for the best price, inquire about the upcoming weekly or holiday sales.  Significant savings can be gained during this time.  When it comes to items with digital technology, sometimes you can wait a few months or six months or a year and notice the price come down significantly.

4.  Beware of snares at the purchasing point. On several occasions, I have called the store to confirm that an item I wanted was in stock.  But when I finally arrived at the store, a clerk would tell me that the product was in fact not in stock.  Yet there would be another item comparable to the one I needed, but it would be at least $10 more.

At the purchasing point, it is easy to fall into the snare of buying a higher-priced item.

5.  Pray for God’s wisdom before purchasing.  I like to pray to the Lord about my purchases however big or small they are and ask God to lead me to the item I NEED to purchase.  The Bible says to walk wise and not as unwise. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom regarding your purchases.

6.  Read God’s Word.  It’s so easy to buy impulsively.  I like to face up to impulse buying by quoting scripture.  Here’s a verse for you to ease the pressure of this temptation  “Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken”  (Psalm 55:22) Ask the Lord to give you the scripture verse you need to avoid impulse buying.

7.  Observing elderly Christians. I tend to observe the godly purchasing habits of elderly Christian women or Christian couples.  It’s amazing how they tend to do with out or wait lengthy periods of time before purchasing things. 

Well, friend, I hope I have been an encouragment to you today. Thanks for stopping by.



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