Preapproval from spouse!

This week our focus will be on COMMUNICATION.  Charlotte has a great perspective on this later in the week.  For today, I’m posting something my husband and I have done since we married.  We made a commitment to one another that we would not make a purchase over $50 unless we asked the other one first.

We’ve been married for over 12 years and never had a disagreement when we followed this rule we made with each other (have I mentioned the rule has only been broken once in our marriage?).

Before you say that’s impossible, let me explain.  This does not apply when buying groceries, major school shopping or celebrations like anniversaries.  It applies in situations when one of us are out and come across a piece of furniture or electronic item or shoes that are not on the needed list.  By having this rule, it has kept us from impulse buying and respected one another in our JOINT finances.  There are times when I missed a good deal on something because I was unable to talk with my husband BUT it has prevented bounced checks and arguments over money. 

I mentioned this rule was broken once…a couple of years ago I was scheduled to photograph a music event and really needed a larger lens for my camera.  We usually save purchases like this for special events but my husband went ahead and bought the lens and presented it to me as a “just because” gift.  I was so SHOCKED! (and overjoyed!)  Please let me stress that my husband is aware of our finances although I do the day to day bills and tracking.  He knew what we could afford and gave a great gift!

Come up with a finance rule for your household or post an agreement you have with your spouse.  I would love to hear from you!    Have a great day!  Dana 


2 Responses

  1. My husband and I recently transitioned to an envelope system. We agreed that we would only use the money out of our envelopes each month. There is an envelope for gas, food, and entertainment. My husband and I each get an envelope with our names on it and we stick $50 in it each for our “allowance”. We can spend our allowance any way we want, but once it’s gone for the month, it’s gone! This seems to give us a little more freedom, because it cuts down on the “scrutiny” on each other’s little spending vices…like my coffee shop vice and his energy drink vice.

  2. That is a great idea! My husband use to get an “allowance” for his work week on eating out lunch and coffee. Money I spent was usually within budgeted items. Your way gives a “reward” monthly for each person to do with what they want but still respect one another and stay within a budget! GOOD JOB!

    Sharing money is hard! Respecting one another and coming up with things such as this that benefit both really help a marriage.

    Thank you for sharing!

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