How Two Balance the Checkbook

I always like to participate in Frugal Friday sponsored by Biblical Womanhood.  Hop on over to Crystal’s blog for tips.  My tip here is just to say that it is wise that your husband and you know the shape of your bank account at any given point in time.

I must be kidding right? I mean surely I am not suggesting that your husband and you balance the checkbook together. 

I am NOT advocating that both of you balance the checkbook together.  I believe that the husband and wife should pray about how they manage money together. I also believe that the Lord will lead you both to work out what best fits your family. 

I am just telling you that Mike and I ventured to do this about oh a year ago.  I tell you that it’s a work in progress and one that is not perfect at that.  We just like to know at any one point what the balance is in our bank account.

I just feel that it’s good for both of us to know the true shape of our checking account. So how does it work for us?

1) We have a central location for our bills.  We file our bills in a tray in the computer room.  I try to make sure that every bill gets to that location.  Yes, it’s not a perfect process. One or two bills occasionally find a home elsewhere somehow.

2) We have a central location for the checkbook.  If it’s not on our person, I know where to locate it in the home.

3)We use online banking.  We check our account online consistently. You get a daily listing of transactions such as purchases and withdrawals made on your account. This just helps us to double check what we have written down in the check register. Or it helps to locate reasons for the discrepancies. 

4) We sit down together when we are going over the bills and we balance the checkbook together. I just want to say at first it wasn’t easy. Two different perspectives here.  However, we have done well to work together over the months.

5) We are honest about our purchases.  Mike and I have made it a policy to tell each other about our purchases whether big or small.  I really believe that honesty here is the best policy.



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