Grocery Gift Card

Trying to stay on budget for groceries?  If you do the majority of your shopping at one store, consider getting a grocery store gift card for the month or paycheck period.  Some stores may give discounts for large amounts such as Kroger.  I believe they give 10% off if you spend $300 on a gift card.

I’m not the best at keeping up with cash but love the envelope cash method for things.  I’ve always budgeted for groceries but over the past year, I have went over many times.  Due to more responsibilites in my life, I have less time and tend to be more careless with my food shopping.  Although I make a list and meal plan a little, I still find I go over budget. 

Previously, I used my checking debit card and at times I thought, “Well, it’s okay if I go over a little this week.”  But a little each week adds up to a lot at the end of the month.  Knowing that my budget amount is on that gift card and that’s all I can spend has really made more of a difference than I expected.  I don’t splurge as much and try to make more of an effort to look at sale items and change my menu accordingly.

Are there some unique things you do to stay on budget?  Please post and let us know!  We love hearing from you!   Dana


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