Past versus Present Household Expenses

My post this time is actually to reflect on past and present household expenses.  I thought that it would be a good exercise. You know to kind of make us analyze our own expenses and see if we could do without to avoid extra household bills.

Thirty years ago, household expenses were much different than today.  Here’s the kind of monthly expenses that my father had in the late 70s.

  • an electric bill
  • a landline phone bill with basic service
  • groceries
  • gas for the one car we had
  • car/house insurance
  • house payment
  • clothing
  • no garbage pickup.  He takes his garbage to a county dump site that doesn’t charge a fee.
  • no water bill because he has well water.

So there’s about seven monthly bills.  Okay now let’s look at the kinds of bills many couples are facing today.

  • a cell phone bill for more than one cell phone
  • a landline bill with internet service and other extra services
  • a student loan payment
  • trash pickup
  • cable
  • water
  • car insurance for more than one vehicle
  • house insurance
  • electric
  • house payment
  • credit card bill
  • groceries
  • gas for cars
  • clothing

Have you noticed something here? The number of bills have doubled compared to the past.   Yet I noticed that my dad still has the same number of bills that he had thirty years ago with the exception of cable. AND he no longer has a house payment. AND he doesn’t have a credit card!!

It was interesting to me today to reflect on past and present household expenses. I noticed how expenses have seemed to double. And it made me think.  Could some of these household expenses be avoided? I hope you enjoyed this post.  Until next time………



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