I can’t afford to…

A friend recently shared that they were having financially hard times.  I completely understood because I’ve heard similar stories from people this year.  I REALLY have to watch my words when someone shares with me regarding finances.  I try not to give my opinion unless the person asks me directly what I think.  Many times people just want you to listen and not give feedback when it comes to financial matters.  It’s very hard though when a person shares what financial hardships they are going through yet they admit they are still living the lifestyle they can’t afford.  They admit they can’t tithe nor pay their bills on time; yet they continue to take summer vacations, buy things on credit or refuse to cut back on extras.

If you are on your way into a hole financially, STOP and really put a hold on things you are buying or spending money on.  I’ve heard many comments from people that it’s embarrassing to give up the standard of lifestyle they are living, it hurts their husband’s pride or ego to cut out things or their children won’t understand.  While all of this may be true, it’s much easier to stop and backtrack then to hit bottom and crawl back.

Your neighbor, sibling, co-worker, church member, best friend may be living the high life, borrowing money from parents, on the verge of losing their house and fighting every week over money.  Are you accountable to that person to stay in the same lifestyle?  or are you accountable to God?

I admire each of you who are seeking better ways to manage you money.  Don’t get discouraged!  DANA


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