Shopping with a pro!

My friend Christina is a pro at grocery shopping.  She has offered to take me shopping with her several times when I’ve vented about how much it costs to feed my family.  I clip coupons, review the sale papers and try to plan meals in order to save money.  But I still spend more than Christina does each week on groceries. 

After spending the day with her in multiple stores, I realized how knowledgeable she really is in this area.  She is an expert at where to buy what for the lowest price.  As we walked through Sam’s, our discussion included toilet paper, ketchup, what’s a good price on buying a pack of 40 of something and can it be used before it expires.  


So, if you are struggling with trying to lower your grocery bill, ask a friend that is really good at grocery shopping if you can tag along one day.  We take classes on parenting, bible lessons, cooking, etc…why not take a hands on “class” to fine tune your grocery shopping skills?  I know I learned several things on our outing and plan to go with her again!  Kudos Christina!

May you have a joyful and bargain experience on your next grocery store trip!  Dana


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