Not knowing your financial picture before marriage

Well, let me tell you our story.

How naive we were to enter into marriage without discussing what our financial picture would look like in the coming months.  I really had no idea of the kind of debt or bills that Mike had.  And vice versa, he wasn’t real aware of the monthly payments on the bills that I had.

Yes, there was credit card and student loan debt, of which, I carried most of that debt. AND I was barely making ends meet before marriage.

Mind you, I also had to quit my position so that I could move into our new home that was in a nearby town. So I didn’t have a steady job.  I was temping at the time.

I had this idealistic picture that once Mike and I were married, I would be in a better financial shape than before because there were going to be two working people with two incomes. Yeah, right!!

Well the bills began to roll in. And just as you can imagine, it was financially a tight squeeze.  We ended up being late on some bills. And at times late more than I would care to say. And to add insult to injury, we were charged late fees which caused more frustration. I remember thinking to myself where will the money come from when we need clothes and so forth.

Well what is the moral to this story?  I think that it would have been better to have discussed our financial situation before marriage.  Why?  So we would have known our true financial picture and would have been more prepared for the coming months. There are so many things that we might have done better.  But I think for the most part, it’s wise to know your overall financial picture and make some decisions based on that picture.  

Upcoming:  Before marriage- how Dana and her husband’s story is different than my post



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