When things get tough at work

It seems as if my employer continues to place more and more demands and responsibilities on my plate.  Today I was given yet one more responsibility and of course my attitude wasn’t one of joy and roses to say the least.

But when I talked about my situation to a couple of the older folks who grew up during the Great Depression or a generation after.  I got a perspective that was different than what I was thinking  and a perspective different from the folks in my generation.

This is what the older folks told me.  During hard economic times, employers will ask more and more of you.  They will also ask you to do harder things.  If the employer asks for you to do something, then you should do whatever they tell you to do.  You don’t want to lose your job. 

This advice is coming from individuals who know what it is like to not have money rolling in and who know what it is like to have to eat the same meal everyday for months.

And I didn’t get that much sympathy from them because they have had to “work” in the fields all day long.

Well I consider this good advice.  Though I don’t want to have to do extra.  I may have to put up because there are not that many jobs out there anyway.



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