When the water heater breaks……..

That was our experience this past weekend at 11:30pm Saturday.  We were going to bed and for some unknown reason, my husband heads into the computer room.  He stepped on part of the carpet and noticed that it was wet.  He checked it out further and determined that the water heater was leaking.

When I got to the water heater, it was not like a leak.  The flow of water was more like a faucet that had been turned on gently to low flow. I frantically placed towels at the leaks, but the towels were wet in a matter of minutes.  

So after the clean up, Mike and I knew that most water heaters had a warranty of five years.  AND we were confident that we could replace this water heater with no out of pocket expense on our part. That ‘s because we haven’t had the water heater for more than five years.

Mike located the manufacturer on the internet.  He then plugged in the model number and serial number into the company’s website to see if the warranty was still good.  Well, we found out that the warranty on this particular model was only one year and it’s no longer good. 

So what I am trying to say is this…………do keep up with your warranties on your appliances. When something breaks down, do not automatically assume that YOU have to spend your money out of pocket for replacement. Call the manufacturer.  If you don’t have the phone number, google them on the internet. Also I have had to send in my product information in the past to the manufacturer, so that it would activate the warranty.  You will just have to check for yourself with any new appliances that you buy.

So for us, I guess we will double check by giving the manufacturer a call on Monday.  Who knows?  There may have been a recall on this particular model.



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