About Dana

For several years I volunteered as a budget counselor through referrals and church.  I worked for several years in a business office and then for two separate ministries.  Along the way I gained experience and knowledge in accounting.  After my first child, I became a stay at home mother but continued to increase my skills in budgeting and reducing debt.  I enjoyed meeting with others to help them establish a household budget and find ways to reduce debt.  I believe that managing your money by following biblical principles can improve relationships and ease stress in your life. 

Over the years I have been a part of various types of financial programs and studies.  I have co-led with my spouse Crown Financial classes and read several books on managing your money.  I’m still a stay at home mother but with two children now.  I do the accounting a few hours a week for my husband’s business and continue to have a passion for seeing people get out of debt.  

My friend Charlotte said it best:  “God is our life and joy and hope and this can only be possible through Jesus Christ”. 



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  1. Dana:

    Tyler directed me to your blog. Looks good.


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