Praying Amiss

James 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that you may consume it upon your lusts.

I think that we often times ask the Lord for temporal things and not the important eternal things.  Our prayers may focus on specific material things so that we consume them upon our lusts.  

Have you ever heard yourself say Lord, I pray for …………a new house with a white picket fence (like my friend so and so)?  You really want that house not because of shelter, but because you want to sustain an image among your peers. Or have you ever asked specifically for a new car because your neighbor recently bought one? I remember praying for a place to live before my husband and I married.  But my mental image was one of a nice-sized brick home like lots of homes others have.   

Sometimes we pray amiss so that we can “uphold” a certain image.  Well, let me tell you about our first home.  Before we married, my husband considered buying a little blue, single-wide mobile home.  As I walked through the rooms, I made all kinds of mental notes of why we shouldn’t buy the little home.  You can only guess why.  My friends had larger homes.  Only a little while into the tour, the Lord convicted me.  This was what he had in store for me and I didn’t want to accept it.

Did you know that this little mobile home has taught me so much?  I am glad the Lord gave the mobile home to us.  I learned to manage money by what I could afford.  Also I learned that I had a heart issue of covetousness.  I coveted what others had. The Lord showed that to me and really worked on this area in my life.

Also the Lord showed us what a beautiful property we had.  Time and time again I have heard others who have larger homes say what a beautiful piece of property we have.  They only wished they had a front and back yard.

Are you seeking the Lord and what he desires for you to have?  Or are you praying amiss for things that are temporal to satisfy your own desire? Consider what you are praying for and why.  The Bible says we have not because we pray amiss.  Seek the Lord and what he desires for your life.