Paying for College Classes

Right now I am taking graduate college classes so that I can obtain a permanent teaching certificate in special education.  I started taking classes this past summer and have paid for them out-of-pocket.  Also I am paying for fall classes (two of them) out-of-pocket.

You might wonder how in the world am I doing this because paying for graduate courses is expensive.  Well I am mystified that money keeps appearing, but I will share a little of how we are able to pay.

First of all, we had our savings built up some so that we could cover the cost for the summer classes.  The stimulus check from the federal government helped replenish some of what we paid out of savings.  Then we started putting money back during the summer here and there from extra work.  Not much you know.  Just fifty here and fifty there a paycheck. 

Also the college I’m taking classes from allows students to pay on a payment plan.  So I signed up for it.  There are four installments during the semester so that I don’t have to pay all at once.  I paid for the first installment fall semester again out of savings.   There are three more installments left.

We do have some money set aside that was given to us earlier this year that we haven’t used yet.  We are hanging on to this money just in case we cannot make the installments on our own.  But hopefully with careful planning on our part, we will be able to make the installments on our own.  Our goal for the extra money given to us was to keep it for emergencies.

So what has happened is that our emergency savings fund has gone down a good bit. Yet we still have some left.  We are definitely hoping to pay for classes without student loans.  That is our goal and I really want to stick to this.

So ever so often I will post on our effort to stay out of student loan debt.  This may in the future mean that I can only take one class a semester.  Or if the job situation changes, I may be in a better financial situation to pay for classes out-of-pocket. 

So we will see what happens. And we have prayed about this and we believe God will provide to keep us from debt.